Workbooks Available
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Who Can Use These Materials?

These materials are intended for Deaf students who are learning to read and write English. Additionally other English as a second language learners can benefit from the exercises.

Teachers, parents, instructional assistants,cuuriculum coordinators, consultants and resource staff will find these invaluable tools for presenting English in an interactive manner.

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Goals for Using the Multiple Meanings Workbook

The exercises in this workbook are intended to address the following objectives:

1. Present multiple meaning words in English in a format that contextually supports the reader.

2. Encourages the reader to deduce meaning themselves by using the controlled context.

3. Asks the student to provide evidence of their comprehension by illustrating each of the four related meanings.

Goal for Using the Figurative Language Workbook

The following objectives will be addressed in this workbook:

1. The student will deduce figurative rather then literal meanings from common language phrases (eg idioms, metaphors, hyperbole,etc)

2. The student will illustrate the phrase both literally and figuratively.

3. The student will provide related experiences where the phrase might be used.

4. The student will independently deduce figurative meaning from highly contextualized short paragraphs.

Visual Verbs:Teaching State-of-Being

This 74 page workbook was designed to guide the deaf and hard-of-hearing student to understand and independently use state-of-being verb forms:is, are, am, was, were, will be. Also included are the verbs: has, have, had.

This workbook guides the student by helping him/her develop a meaningful concept for each verb. In this way the student is able to incorporate these structures into his/her own linguistic repertoire.

The workbook contains the following:
*notes to the teacher
*pre/post test
*activities that use writing, reading and illustrating ideas
*practice with the various verb forms
* a specific hierarchy/sequence for teaching these verb