English Materials for Deaf and ESL Students
Welcome to English Materials for Deaf and ESL Students! This page will provide teachers, parents and other interested people with a way to purchase materials at a reasonable cost.
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English doesn't have to be frustrating!!
As a teacher of deaf children for over 17 years I have created materials that involve the student and engage their reading, writing and thinking skills concerning English. The first three workbooks offered are:

1.Multiple Meanings in English Context

This book takes 37 high frequency mulitple meaning English words (eg. "LIGHT" "GET" "PUT", etc) and puts them into four different contexts. The student reads the sentence, decides on the meaning and then draws a related picture in the space provided. This practice helps the non-native user of English to think about English in a more flexible manner.

2. Figurative Language English in Context.

This book takes the same multiple meaning list used in the first book and uses the target words in two different figurative ways (eg. "feel LIGHTheaded, ate a LIGHT lunch", etc.) Students read the sentence, decide on the meaning if it were to be taken literally and illustrate that sentence. In a contiguous box students draw in the real meaning of the targeted phrase.

3. Visual Verbs: Teaching State-of-Being

This is a new workbook (published January 2000). This 74 page workbook guides the student in working with and understanding state-of-being verbs (is, was, am, are, were, will be...also included are has, have had). The workbook provides a concept for each verb so that the student can understand and use the verbs independently and consistently.

All books are designed to be used as workbooks for the individual student or as reproducible copies. These materials can be used with children in first grade through high school depending on background.

The cost for each book includes shipping and handling. If you are interested please email me for a flyer and order form: halimun@aol.com

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